Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nominations Friday 26th October 2012

Thanks again for your patience as we refine the nomination process for this year.  As you may have noticed, we started on time last Friday with the unassisted races commencing at 6.20pm soon followed by the 15m freestyle events and so on. This is our desired timing for future nights and gives you a good idea of how things will play out from now on.

To nominate, please see the committee members at the nomination desk (not the office). This desk is located near the gates and ALL swimmers need to be marked off for every race that they will swim in on the night. This is the time to make any adjustments before nominations close at 6.15pm.  Our aim is to make this process as quick as possible - we have three committee members on hand to mark off swimmers and to answer any questions.  Please check with your swimmers what races they plan on competing in before joining the line.  Please ensure each swimmer is marked off prior to entering the stands and ordering your BBQ.

From now on the gates will open at 5.45pm and nominations will close at 6.15pm.