Friday, February 22, 2013

Tonight's Swim Club Details

As you know we have a strict cut off time of 6.15pm for all nominations. Gates open at 5.45pm - parents please ensure your child/children's name/s get marked prior to going to the stand/pool/canteen.

Free swim/warm up:
For our new members who have signed up this term, and a reminder to all members, there is a short free swim at the beginning of club nights.  This starts at 6.00pm and runs until 6.15pm. We need to ensure our lifeguards are in the pool area before we let 150 members into the water.  Please ensure your swimmers do not enter the pool before 6.00pm. During free swim, swimmers are reminded to stay off the lane ropes and there is to be no running within the pool area at any time.

Volunteers Needed:
Volunteers are always welcome for the Canteen, BBQ and Time Keeping