Friday, February 23, 2018

Swim Club cancelled 23 Feb 2018

The weather is not in our favour again.  I have consulted the committee and we have come to a decision to cancel tonight.  I know a lot of kids might be disappointed and I do apologise to them, but I feel that we will have struggled to have enough numbers to fill the volunteer roles and the kids may have been rather cold as well. (Pete Geraghty mentioned that his swim coaches are currently wearing wet suits, although the kids in the classes are ok)

Lets hope that next week we have better luck with the weather.
Tina and the GLSC committee.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Swim Club tonight is still on - projected start time of 6:45pm.

Hi all,
Sorry for the delay in posting to the website. I was unable to post on my mobile phone and had to wait for a better device. I did send an email but it seems that not everyone received it.

Well it looks like the storm has passed.  We are still planning on running club tonight but we will need to wait for safety reasons until at least 6:45pm.

We do understand that you may have made other plans already now.
The bom website is showing that the storm is almost gone and it doesn't look like there are any others following.