Thursday, October 25, 2018

Pool Safety and Club Captains

It looks like the weather is going to be hot, hot, hot on Friday! We are looking forward to a good night of swimming with the arrival of the warmer weather.  This week I wanted to touch on:
  •      important safety messages
  •      announce who has been nominated for club captains and how voting will occur
  •      how to finish a race to make sure your best time is recorded. 
Safety is a high priority and unsafe behaviours will NOT be tolerated. If you do observe anything you consider unsafe, please contact the lifeguards or one of the Committee immediately. 
  • There is to be NO glass in the pool area
  • Parents are responsible for supervising their children AT ALL TIMES when at the pool. This includes supervision during free swim
  • There is to be NO running in the pool area
  •  There is no diving at the shallow end.
We do have lifeguards on duty during club nights, however, with well over 100 swimmers in the pool we ask parents to follow these guidelines:
  • Children aged 0-5 years actively supervised at all times, parent/ guardian within arms-reach in the pool
  • Children aged 6-10 years under constant active supervision, with parent/guardian prepared to get wet
  • Children aged 11-14 years must be checked on by physically going to the point where they are in or around the water
Club Captains
We have a great group of people who have nominated to become club captain or vice captain.  Voting for Captains will occur on Friday night and children in Grade 4 and above can vote for the Captains via a ballot.   
The following people have nominated for Club Captains:
  • Amy Butner
  • Hannah McFarlane
  • Sarah Ramsay 
  • Miranda Shoesmith
  • Alec Bale
  • Ethan Chand
  • Giles Buchanan
  • Harvey Shoesmith
  • Matteo Boccolacci
  • Thomas Peake
 Race Finish Rules
We follow the Swimming Australia rules regarding race finishes as it gives our children a standard set of rules to follow if they go to external meets. Touching at the end of a race indicates to our timekeeper when to stop the timer.  Timekeepers cannot stop their timers until your child has touched the wall according to the Swimming Australia rules.  This differs for each stroke:
  • Freestyle – some part of the swimmer must touch the wall
  • Butterfly – the swimmer must touch both hands to the wall simultaneously
  • Breaststroke – the swimmer must touch both hand to the wall simultaneously
  • Backstroke – the swimmer must touch the wall whilst they are still on their back

Look forward to seeing you on Friday

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Club Captains and Reminders

Hi Everyone,

For those who attended our first week in the rain, thanks for coming along and making the night a success. A big thank you to our timekeepers and lifeguards who got wetter than most of the kids in the pool.  Despite the weather everyone seemed to have a good night.

This week it’s time to get the process of selecting our Club Captains underway.  This week, we will be accepting nominations, next week the voting will take place and the following week, the Captains will be announced.  To be eligible to be a Club Captain, you need to currently be in Grade 5 and eligible to have been part of the Club Championships last year.  You also need to commit to attending swim club in term 1 of 2019 and be familiar with the duties of Club Captain (found in our Club Handbook).  If you would like to nominate yourself, the please either download the form or collect a form from myself on Friday night.  Please note, the form requires a parent/guardian signature.  If you are unsure whether your child qualifies as a candidate, then please contact Annie Chand ( or myself (

For new and existing members there are a few things to be aware of to help make our Friday nights run more smoothly:

  • Each week you will receive an email from our race secretary stating which events your child has been nominated for that week.  If you are unable to attend a club night, or there are changes to the strokes your child is participating in that week, it would be appreciated if you could let us know by replying to the race nomination email by 5pm on Friday. It just helps the night run more smoothly and quickly as we are not looking for swimmers who are not in attendance. 
  • Free swim will commence at around 6.00pm. Due to several close calls and the number of children in the pool, there will be no diving or jumping from the blocks or the sides. Our lifeguards may supervise one lane as a dedicated diving lane.  Please also note you must supervise your children at all times during free swim.  Check out our Club Nights page on our website to see how closely you need to supervise your child. 
  • Each week we swim 3 strokes. We always swim freestyle as this is our most popular race and we alternate weekly with our other strokes.  We begin the night with an assisted swim for those children that are looking to build their swimming confidence.  Our Grade 5 and 6 swimmers assist your child if needed or are just there to make sure they get safely in and out of the pool. 
  • Make sure you listen for the announcements asking your child to marshall for their races.  We call the races in distance order, starting with 15m first.  Freestyle is always our first stroke of the night.  If you are unsure which races your child has been nominated for, check your weekly nomination email. To progress to a longer distance swim, your child must meet the qualifying times for that stroke.  Please refer to our club handbook to see what time criteria they must meet.

Please don’ t forget to tell your friends about our club and what it offers on a Friday night. If you know someone who is interested, then please give them my contact details ( or ask them to look out for an email from their class rep with some more information. We always love to welcome new members along.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

First Week’s Swimming

Welcome to 2018/2019 season of Graceville Lightning Swim Club.  Thank you for joining us.  We are looking forward to the season being social and watching our children improve their swimming over the term.  Our first night of swimming will commence at 6.00pm on Friday 12th of October. If you are new to our club, then please note that our canteen and bar is cash only.

If you registered as a swim club member by Monday 8th of October, you would have already received an email from our race secretary with details of the races your children have been entered in.  Please read this carefully and respond if there are any changes including:
·         The races your child/children will be participating in
·         If you are unable to attend
If were not a financial member by Monday 8th of October, then your child is not eligible to swim this week, however, you are welcome to join us for a BBQ and drinks at our wonderful canteen. After our first week, your child will be eligible to swim at any Friday evening, so long as your membership is up to date. 

Given our unpredictable weather this week, I just wanted to let you know what we do in the event of unfavourable weather.  If just rain is forecast, we will continue with swim club, unless the safety of our swimmer and volunteers is at risk.  With regards to storm activity, we will monitor the weather closely on the day and make a call regarding swimmer safety and volunteer safety closer to commencement of swimming. At any time during a swim meet, if swimmer safety is at risk, we will cancel the event. Please note, any announcements with regards to cancellation of a night will be put on our website.

If you are new to the club, make sure you find our Junior Dolphin representative Carleen who will be able to point you in the right direction at your first club night. Or alternatively if you have any questions, you can email Carleen on

This year we are also offering exclusive Graceville Lightning Swim wear to our members. The range has been updated, the quality is good and the price is great.  Girls one piece swimmers are available in all sizes for $24.00 and the boys swimmers are available in all sizes for $20.00. Please check out our merchandise stall near the canteen.

Finally, please note our swim club is licensed and we support the responsible service of alcohol. We have certain conditions that we must adhere to retain our liquor licence each year. Failure to do this will results in cancellation of our licence.  Please be respectful of our volunteers and support the responsible service of alcohol.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday night.

Welcome to the 2018/2019 of Graceville Lightning

Welcome to the 2018 / 2019 season of swimming. If you are new to swim club, then welcome to Graceville Amateur Swim Club (also known as Graceville Lightning).  If you are one of our familiar faces, then welcome back! Our first night of swimming for the 2018/2019 season will be Friday October 12th. Swim Club will run for every Friday night of Term 4 2018 and each Friday night of Term 1 2019 until 22nd of March. Swimming will get underway at 6.00pm.

My name is Heidi and I am this years President. My children are Ella and Jake, and they asked me to be President, as they love coming along to swim club each Friday night. They love trying to do their best each week and catching up with their friends outside of school.  I enjoy my night off from cooking by enjoying some of the delicious food on offer from our canteen and BBQ. A great way to relax on a Friday night!

Our swim club is all about participation. It doesn’t matter if your child is not the fastest swimmer, what matters is that try their best each week. Each week your child will swim against swimmers of similar ability to try and improve their personal bests. There is a great range of information on our site including how our club runs each week, the calendar of events and how to qualify for club championships. Have a look around our website and become familiar with our club. We always welcome new members, If you are interested in joining Graceville Lightning, then please check our Registration page on our website. 

One of the best things about our swim club is the community spirit and how we have a great group of people who are willing to volunteer their time to make swim club run smoothly. However, as the old saying goes, many hands make light work. Running a successful swim club means there are each week we look for volunteers to make sure the kids swim times are successfully recorded, make a salad or help with running the BBQ and canteen. Whether that’s taking on a weekly role like opening the canteen or coordinating the timekeeping or helping a few times a term by cooking up a storm on the BBQ or providing a salad, every bit of help is appreciated.