Thursday, October 25, 2018

Pool Safety and Club Captains

It looks like the weather is going to be hot, hot, hot on Friday! We are looking forward to a good night of swimming with the arrival of the warmer weather.  This week I wanted to touch on:
  •      important safety messages
  •      announce who has been nominated for club captains and how voting will occur
  •      how to finish a race to make sure your best time is recorded. 
Safety is a high priority and unsafe behaviours will NOT be tolerated. If you do observe anything you consider unsafe, please contact the lifeguards or one of the Committee immediately. 
  • There is to be NO glass in the pool area
  • Parents are responsible for supervising their children AT ALL TIMES when at the pool. This includes supervision during free swim
  • There is to be NO running in the pool area
  •  There is no diving at the shallow end.
We do have lifeguards on duty during club nights, however, with well over 100 swimmers in the pool we ask parents to follow these guidelines:
  • Children aged 0-5 years actively supervised at all times, parent/ guardian within arms-reach in the pool
  • Children aged 6-10 years under constant active supervision, with parent/guardian prepared to get wet
  • Children aged 11-14 years must be checked on by physically going to the point where they are in or around the water
Club Captains
We have a great group of people who have nominated to become club captain or vice captain.  Voting for Captains will occur on Friday night and children in Grade 4 and above can vote for the Captains via a ballot.   
The following people have nominated for Club Captains:
  • Amy Butner
  • Hannah McFarlane
  • Sarah Ramsay 
  • Miranda Shoesmith
  • Alec Bale
  • Ethan Chand
  • Giles Buchanan
  • Harvey Shoesmith
  • Matteo Boccolacci
  • Thomas Peake
 Race Finish Rules
We follow the Swimming Australia rules regarding race finishes as it gives our children a standard set of rules to follow if they go to external meets. Touching at the end of a race indicates to our timekeeper when to stop the timer.  Timekeepers cannot stop their timers until your child has touched the wall according to the Swimming Australia rules.  This differs for each stroke:
  • Freestyle – some part of the swimmer must touch the wall
  • Butterfly – the swimmer must touch both hands to the wall simultaneously
  • Breaststroke – the swimmer must touch both hand to the wall simultaneously
  • Backstroke – the swimmer must touch the wall whilst they are still on their back

Look forward to seeing you on Friday