Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Update 28th November

Hi Everyone, 

We are always open to suggestions of how to improve our club nights, so if anyone has suggestions, you are welcome to email me ( There are a number of things I need to bring to everyone’s attention this week so everyone can enjoy the club nights. We have been having a fabulous turnout every week, the BBQ and canteen have been super busy and lots of kids have improved their swimming times. 

For those of you that have volunteered to provide a salad, work in the canteen or on the BBQ, thanks so much. It seems we have not quite gotten our process right and it’s a bit tricky to remember which week you have volunteered for. To help everyone, we will put up a list on the website which you can go and check. Its not ready at the moment, so if you know you have volunteered and are not sure when, please get in contact with me. If you cannot make it, then we would really appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible so we can find a volunteer. This week we are short one canteen volunteer so if you can help, please get in contact with me. 

For those of you that were present last week, I bought to everyone’s attention some behaviours that occurred the previous week that our committee considers inappropriate. For those of you that weren’t present, 2 of our parents had to clean an unacceptable mess in the boy’s bathrooms. This included 60-80 wads of paper stuck to the ceiling and walls, some of which were soaked in urine. I announced the consequence of this happening again was that free swim would be cancelled the following week. I am pleased that we had beautifully clean bathrooms this week, but unfortunately some children decided to urinate on the chairs where the Marshalling occurs. It wasn’t just a once off, it occurred several times during the evening in different length races. As you can imagine, its very unpleasant for the next child who came along and the Marshall who had to clean the chairs. I am not going to make a general announcement about this. I am going to leave it here and hope that everyone takes this on board. 

We have also had several complaints from parents about children using the showers for lengthy periods to keep warm between races (20-30 minutes). Please bring along extra towels and clothes for your children if the night is going to be cooler. 

Finally, please be aware of where your children are at all times. It enables us to make the night run more smoothly by getting them to their races and ensures that some of the unacceptable behaviour we have been witnessing does not occur. For those of you that are not aware, children and adults cannot hang around outside the pool area during swim club as the school has only given us permission to use the pool grounds. 

Thanks for listening, your help in making sure everyone can enjoy club nights without encountering unpleasant situations is very much appreciated. 

Enjoy swimming and watch out for next week’s newsletter about our free BBQ and club captain fun night.