Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Registrations 2019/2020

Hi Everyone,

By now many of you would have received a notification from Swimming Queensland saying that your membership is due for renewal.  Unfortunately this email was sent by swimming Queensland before we had the chance to inform you of some changes this year that we have had to make in light of the cessation of the sponsorship of our Junior members by Optus this year. Graceville Lightning would like to continue to keep the prices low for our youngest members and will therefore be subsidising memberships for those under 7.  The system for registration has also changed and has meant a lot of work for our wonderful secretary Annie.  Unfortunately the changes mean that Annie is no longer able to help with registrations and you will need to contact Swimming Queensland directly with any issues you may have. Please read the instructions below and how to register and how to receive a club credit on the membership for under 7's.


Registrations for the Graceville Lightning 2019/2020 Swim Season are Now Open.  The registration process this year is different to previous years as Swimming Australia have changed their registration system.  Please note, due to the cessation of sponsorship by Optus for the Junior Dolphins program, Swimming Australia no longer offers a reduced fee on their memberships for the Junior Swimmers.  This means the price has jumped from $20 to $54.95 for a child under 7.  The Swimming Queensland system is unable to offer membership at a price lower than $54.95, therefore when you register you will need to pay the $54.95 to Swimming Queensland.  To keep costs for our Junior members lower, Graceville Lightning will offer a refund on the membership via a club gift card to the value of $25 for Under 7'sThis gift card can be spent at the canteen (lollies excluded) or for merchandise like togs or goggles.  The gift cards will be available for collection from the 2nd week of swim club. Unfortunately, this is the only way we can offer a lower fee.

A note on Associate Members: We would love our swimmers to attend external swim meets, however at this stage we are unable to offer a swim coach to support our children on deck.  To counter this, our associate member rules have changed and we now allow associate members to accumulate points throughout the season and therefore be eligible to participate in Club Champs and be eligible for Club points champion.  To be an associate member, you must be registered with another club before you can register as an associate member at Graceville Lightning. Any questions regarding associate members can be directed to

Previously Registered With Swimming Queensland 
If you have registered with a swim club in Queensland in the last year, your details will have automatically been entered into the new system.  Please follow this link to register your child/children with for the upcoming 2019/2020 season:

If you are having difficulties with registrations, please check the following links for assistance.  

If you are still having difficulties with your registration, then please contact Swimming Queensland on 3390 2011. 

Never Registered with Swimming Queensland Before
If you have never registered with Swimming Queensland before, then you will need click on the following link, click sign in and then register:

If you are having difficulties with registrations, please check the following links for assistance.  

If you are still having difficulties with your registration, then please contact Swimming Queensland on 3390 2011.  
Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who may be interested in joining our swim club.
If you no longer wish to receive these emails, then please reply to this email and ask to be removed from the distribution list.

Please make sure you have registered by Wednesday 9th October to join us at our first club night on Friday 11th of October.

If you have any questions please contact or but please remember we are not able to help you with registering your children,  We look forward to seeing you on our first club night for the season.
President Graceville Lightning Swim Club

Monday, March 18, 2019

Club Champs - New Swimmers on Nominations List and Addition of Races to Existing Swimmers – Please Read – start time 12.00pm

Hi Everyone,

We had a couple of issues with the nominations process for club champs and some people did not receive the email listing nominations.  We have also updated the nominations and there are new swimmers on the qualifying list and the races that your children have qualified for may also have changed.  This is due to our club rules stating that for any night that is cancelled, it will count you as having raced unless you have informed us otherwise.  So for example, if you had swum 8 freestyle races and were counting on the last club night of the 5th of March to reach the 9 qualifying swims, you will now qualify for the freestyle races at the club champs. The nominations have been updated to reflect this. Note if you only joined us in Term 1 the required number of qualifying swims are less.  

I have attached links to the new nominations and races list in this email and I have published the nominations on the website under the Club Championships and Presentation Day page. If the links in this email do not work, please go to the website. 

Event List Club Championships
Nominations List Club Championships

If your child is nominated to swim and they are not going to compete, then please email to inform us they are not swimming.

If your child is nominated for a particular event and they DO NOT want to participate in that event, please email and they will be removed them from the nominations.

If your child is NOT nominated for a particular event and you would like to make an application to the committee for special circumstances to be taken into consideration (under rule 5), please email Heidi ( If the committee agrees to your application then they will let me know.

Please note the start time on Sunday will be 12.00pm. The BBQ and Canteen will be running and we are looking for volunteers. If you can help out for a short time, please let me know. 



Friday, March 15, 2019

Swim Club Cancelled 15 March 2019

Hi Everyone,

Due to the storm activity, swim club is cancelled tonight.  We will inform you of any changes to the number of qualifying swims for club champs.


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Treasurer, Last Regular Friday Night, Seeking Clipboards, Pens and Volunteers

Hi Everyone,
  • A few things to update you on this week:
  • Still seeking a treasurer
  • Last Regular Swim Week
  • Calling for any spare clip boards and pens
  • Volunteers for this week
We are still seeking a Treasurer to help with running our club.  We cannot continue to run if we don’t have this role in place.  For those of you that have the skills, please come and have a chat to myself or the current treasurer to see what the role entails.  There are a few ways we can run the role, we just need someone with book keeping or accountancy skills to manage the reporting.  We have a great committee on board who are continuing so you will part of a fantastic team. 

This Friday is our last regular Friday night meet.  This week we will be racing all strokes to ensure that those children that have missed a club night will have the opportunity to qualify for the club champs.  It also gives everyone the opportunity to improve their times and earn some more points to compete for the points award for each age group   To qualify for the club champs, you need to have swum in a minimum number of races for each stroke.   Further information on the club champs is available on our website.  After this Friday, there will be no more Friday night meets, only our Club Champs on Sunday 24th March and Presentation Day on Sunday 31st of March.

If any of you are cleaning our your cupboards and have any spare clipboards or pens, then please bring them along on Friday night.  We always need these items for Marshalling and timing your children and we seem to be a few short at the moment.  We would love to recycle rather than buy new.  If you have any then could you please let me know so I can avoid a trip to the shops this week!

Finally we are looking for a few volunteers for this week.  We are seeking 1 person to bring a salad,1 person to help run the BBQ and 2 people to run canteen.  Any help is appreciated and if you can help, please reply to this email.

Thank you all so much for being part of our fabulous regular Friday nights.  From a personal perspective, its been amazing seeing so many of our children improve their times and lengths of swims.  


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Vacant Role of Treasurer, Club Champs, BBQ and Canteen Volunteers Required

Hi Everyone,

We only have 3 regular swimming nights left.  We have really appreciated the support of everyone over the course of this year.  To make our club run successfully there is a great group of volunteers that help out.  We are on the hunt for a Treasurer next year.  Our club cannot continue to operate without a Treasurer, so we are looking for someone to step up and fill that gap.  Our Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the club.  In practical terms this means the regular banking, creating online payments and filing our accounts once per year and also attending committee meetings (about 5 per year).  Most of the work of the Treasurer can be done online.  We are about to embark on some improvements of the pool area, to ensure that happens we need a Treasurer in place to make sure our contractors can get paid.  As many of you are also members of the Graceville State School community, your children will benefit from any improvements we make to the school pool.  Examples of things we have done in the past have included purchasing a blanket for the pool and new lane ropes and had the change room floor upgraded.   We would love to do something that benefits both our school and Graceville Lightning.  If you are interested in the role, could you please contact me at

Don’t forget our Club Champs are on the 24th of March and we would love to see you and your children there if they have completed the required number of events during the swim season.  Please refer to our website for the details of how our club champs work.

This week we are looking for BBQ volunteers x 2 and canteen volunteers x 2.  If you can help out, even for an hour, please let me know.  Many of our regulars are not available this week so we really need some extra help.  We are also short of volunteers for the last 2 weeks of swim club, so if you can go onto our website and sign up or email me and let me know if you can help out it would be hugely appreciated. 

Enjoy the week swimming!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Thanks to our Sponsors and Volunteers Needed

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a hot few days, so the pool is looking good this Friday night.  This week I want to thank our regular sponsors.  Each week we are privileged to have our bread supplied by Miettes, our salad items by Superior Fruit and our BBQ supplies by P&L Meats.  If you get the opportunity, I would encourage you to support our sponsors as they are an essential part of our community and help us keep our wonderful swim club up and running.

This week we are short a few volunteers due to people’s plan changing.  If you could spare a couple of hours, we are looking for 1 BBQ volunteer and 2 canteen volunteers. We realise that many of you have younger children and need to leave earlier, so if you can only help out for an hour before you need to leave, then we don’t mind. If you would like to sign up to be a volunteer, you can go to our volunteer page at  I’ll also be walking around on Friday night looking for volunteers to help out.  So please sign up to help out if you are able.

Look forward to seeing you all on Friday night.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Volunteer Roster and Date Claimer for Oxley Road Cup

Hi Everyone,
It was a good start to the 2nd half of our season with some great swimming.  The children have all improved their times and stoke lengths.  This is evidenced by the number of children we have in the 25m races. 
We are short 3 volunteers this week, one for the BBQ and two for the Canteen. If anyone can help, then please reply to this email.
With 150 children registered, we have a lot of parents to help out!  We now have a new volunteer system in place.  Starting from next week, you will be able to go onto our website and put your name down as a volunteer.  We would love it if you could go on and sign up for either the BBQ, canteen or salad.
You will need to enter your name, email and phone number.  Your phone number is so we can send you a text reminder when you are due to volunteer.  It won’t be visible to anyone else.  Also, if you have any feedback on this system, then please let me know.  Each week we need 3 canteen, 3 BBQ and 3 salad volunteers to keep our club running and our participants well fed. 
We are just finalising the dates for the Oxley Road Cup, Club Championships and Club Presentations.  These events are outside our usual Friday night club meets, so make sure you put them down in your diary.  Our proposed dates are as follows, but in the meantime, can you please put a placeholder in your calendar.
Oxley Road Cup – Sunday 10th March 11.30am
Club Championships – Sunday 24th March 12.00pm
Club Presentation – Sunday 31st of March 12.00pm.
If you have any questions about these events, please feel free to contact me.
Enjoy your week

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

North Queensland Flood Collection

Hi Everyone,

As you know there have been devastating floods in North Queensland especially around the Townsville area. Many of you will remember the amazing community spirit that we experienced in the local area when we were faced with the same in 2011.

Wendy from Graceville Fine Goods and Deli is organising a collection for the residents of Townsville and has put a shout out to our local community. For those of you that don’t know Wendy, she has a huge heart and is always the first person to jump to action when others are in need. I thought it would be worth sharing her message to see if anyone would be able to contribute over the next couple of days. She has a specific list of items and the drop off point is Graceville Fine Foods and Deli on Bank Road. Please see Wendy’s request:

Ok, so I'm still trying to lock in transport to Townsville but it's looking extremely positive so I'm just going to get this ball rolling and start our........

"Help support Townsville" appeal.

Graceville Fine Foods will be the drop off point as of tomorrow, Tuesday 5/2/19.

We are helping "Food Relief NQ" and all our donations will go directly to them as they are the people on the ground and will distribute to the people that need them the most.

My gorgeous friends Mick & Meggsy in Townsville are my contacts and I will work with them to make this all happen.

We are collecting the following items.

•Children's toys
•Cleaning products
•Pet food
•Non-perishable food
•Non-perishable snacks
•Bottled water

Seeing people in need breaks my heart so I'm going hard to collect as much as we possibly can.

As soon as it's safe to start travelling to Townsville we will load up and move out.

I know I ask a lot of you and you know I truly appreciate everything you've always done but I just can't stand by so please please please give as much as you can.

Could you also "share" this post as well so everybody knows where to donate.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you xxx

I hope we can help

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Swim Club Resumes This Week

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great summer holiday and got in some swimming over the break.  Swim club starts again this Friday night and we are looking forward to seeing you all.  For those of you that were new to us in term 4 of 2018, your Membership is still current until the end of Term 1 2019.  So please come along and join us on Friday night.

We are making some changes to the volunteer process as we had some feedback that people were forgetting when they were scheduled.  Also there were some people who wanted to contribute, but didn’t know how.  We are just in the process of finalising an online volunteer roster on our website.  In the meantime, if you are on the volunteer roster, you will still receive a text reminder for your upcoming shift.  Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far this season.

We’ve just had a new shipment of togs arrive, so for those of you that were looking for girls Graceville Lightning togs then we have some sizes 16 and 18 arrive.

We are just in the process of finalising the dates of the Oxley road cup and will provide you with more information on the event and how to qualify as soon as it available.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday night.