Monday, March 18, 2019

Club Champs - New Swimmers on Nominations List and Addition of Races to Existing Swimmers – Please Read – start time 12.00pm

Hi Everyone,

We had a couple of issues with the nominations process for club champs and some people did not receive the email listing nominations.  We have also updated the nominations and there are new swimmers on the qualifying list and the races that your children have qualified for may also have changed.  This is due to our club rules stating that for any night that is cancelled, it will count you as having raced unless you have informed us otherwise.  So for example, if you had swum 8 freestyle races and were counting on the last club night of the 5th of March to reach the 9 qualifying swims, you will now qualify for the freestyle races at the club champs. The nominations have been updated to reflect this. Note if you only joined us in Term 1 the required number of qualifying swims are less.  

I have attached links to the new nominations and races list in this email and I have published the nominations on the website under the Club Championships and Presentation Day page. If the links in this email do not work, please go to the website. 

Event List Club Championships
Nominations List Club Championships

If your child is nominated to swim and they are not going to compete, then please email to inform us they are not swimming.

If your child is nominated for a particular event and they DO NOT want to participate in that event, please email and they will be removed them from the nominations.

If your child is NOT nominated for a particular event and you would like to make an application to the committee for special circumstances to be taken into consideration (under rule 5), please email Heidi ( If the committee agrees to your application then they will let me know.

Please note the start time on Sunday will be 12.00pm. The BBQ and Canteen will be running and we are looking for volunteers. If you can help out for a short time, please let me know.