Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Treasurer, Last Regular Friday Night, Seeking Clipboards, Pens and Volunteers

Hi Everyone,
  • A few things to update you on this week:
  • Still seeking a treasurer
  • Last Regular Swim Week
  • Calling for any spare clip boards and pens
  • Volunteers for this week
We are still seeking a Treasurer to help with running our club.  We cannot continue to run if we don’t have this role in place.  For those of you that have the skills, please come and have a chat to myself or the current treasurer to see what the role entails.  There are a few ways we can run the role, we just need someone with book keeping or accountancy skills to manage the reporting.  We have a great committee on board who are continuing so you will part of a fantastic team. 

This Friday is our last regular Friday night meet.  This week we will be racing all strokes to ensure that those children that have missed a club night will have the opportunity to qualify for the club champs.  It also gives everyone the opportunity to improve their times and earn some more points to compete for the points award for each age group   To qualify for the club champs, you need to have swum in a minimum number of races for each stroke.   Further information on the club champs is available on our website.  After this Friday, there will be no more Friday night meets, only our Club Champs on Sunday 24th March and Presentation Day on Sunday 31st of March.

If any of you are cleaning our your cupboards and have any spare clipboards or pens, then please bring them along on Friday night.  We always need these items for Marshalling and timing your children and we seem to be a few short at the moment.  We would love to recycle rather than buy new.  If you have any then could you please let me know so I can avoid a trip to the shops this week!

Finally we are looking for a few volunteers for this week.  We are seeking 1 person to bring a salad,1 person to help run the BBQ and 2 people to run canteen.  Any help is appreciated and if you can help, please reply to this email.

Thank you all so much for being part of our fabulous regular Friday nights.  From a personal perspective, its been amazing seeing so many of our children improve their times and lengths of swims.