Wednesday, October 7, 2020

COVID-19 Update - Term 4 2020


Dear all

It’s with deep regret that I’m writing my first email as President of Graceville Lightning Swim Club to announce the sad news that we will not be operating next term.  I’m afraid Covid strikes again and I want to highlight below the reasons we, as a committee, came to this unanimous decision after lengthy consultations with Swimming QLD and Graceville State School:

1.  Capacity around the pool is limited to just over 70 people when taking the Covid guidelines of 1 person in 4m2 into account.  (We have approx 115 swimmers on a club night alone and 75 families  - so roughly around 200 people every Friday evening)

2.  Children, when not swimming, are counted within that capacity planning and need to be socially distanced from others - seated - when not swimming.

3.  No parent spectators are allowed on site, in line with the Graceville State School arrangements with all other hirers of after school activities.   

4.  We would not be allowed to operate the BBQ.

The above means that swim club as we all know and love it….Friday night dinner sorted, kids running around having lots of fun whilst not swimming, parents having a catch up over a cold drink not to mention the competitive swimming action alongside siblings and friends just won’t be possible.

Instead we could only have kids swimming once every two or three weeks; siblings possibly swimming on alternate weeks; volunteers supervising other people's children while ensuring that the kids observe strict social distancing; regular sterilizing of the changing room and other areas; guards at the gates and outside the changing rooms ensuring that occupancy limits are not exceeded; and increased membership costs due to a higher COVID expenses and reduced income from the canteen. 

We have been exploring other options and if anyone would like to make a suggestion please do let me know. 

For those who have keen swimmers we can suggest trying Yeronga pool who operate a swim club every second Wednesday, we’re yet to hear back from Dunlop about whether they will be operating a swim club when they finally reopen but will keep you posted.

Please don’t think this is the end of swim club - we certainly don’t!  Just a pause for a term.  Hopefully we can revisit the restrictions towards the end of next term with the aim of opening back up in Term 1 of 2021…

Best regards

Nicola and the rest of swim club committee.