Thursday, February 11, 2021

We are back! Term 1, 2021

We are so excited to be back and swimming again for Term 1, 2021. 

Firstly everyone will need to sign up to Swimming Qld (SQ) again and buy a membership for your swimmer/s.  Link to Swim Central is here….Swim Central and once you’ve created an account you need to go to the store, click memberships and our club can be found by typing in Graceville ASC Inc

For those that our new to the club there are a number of different memberships.  The age categories are self explanatory.  If your child will want to compete outside of our club nights then choose the competitive swimmer to allow you to attend meets around the state, otherwise just the recreational swimmer will suffice.

If you joined another club this year because we weren’t open in Term 4 then you can join as a second claim swimmer as you’ve already paid your membership to SQ elsewhere.

We have not added any fee for the club on top of the SQ fee this year as a one off gesture of goodwill and to account for the fact that we’ll only have one term of swimming.  

You will need to register ASAP, by Wednesday latest.  Then SQ will send us a list of members so that our Race Secretary can send out the nominations for the swimming races on Friday.

One big change this year in order to run a CovidSafe event is capacity and ensuring we all maintain social distancing.  Please see attached map for details. 

In order to manage the capacity and record the details of attendees we will require you to buy a ticket for the event before arriving on Friday on Eventbrite. We will send out the link each week to everyone on the membership list. 

Good news is they are free, even better news is you can sign up for one of our volunteer roles when buying your free ticket!  All attendees including swimmers and younger siblings must have a ticket and we are encouraging only one parent per family to attend and only swimming aged children if possible.  However, if you sign up for a volunteer role you are welcome to have another parent along as a spectator - another great reason to volunteer :-)

We will be closing the showers to reduce the cleaning burden on our volunteer committee but the toilets will still be open and there will be a restriction on how many can go into the changing room areas at one time (Signage will explain on the night).  Please reinforce this to your children during the club night

There will be a separate entry and exit to the pool as shown on the map.  Entrance where it normally is, exit is on the other side of the pool.  Again there will be signage on the night to remind people.

You can expect the same great food and bar choices with the exception of no buffet style salads this year as it doesn’t work with Covid restrictions. Unfortunately our bar will stay dry for the rest of the term as the Department of Education is no longer allowing alcohol to be consumed or sold within school pool areas. We're working behind the scenes to find out more and look at options as this is a large revenue stream for the club and a blow for lots of us who enjoy a sociable drink on a Friday evening but for now we’re just offering soft drinks and food.

We’ll only be taking cashless payments - including lollies which will be available behind the counter from a certain time.

Lots to digest but please jump online and book your membership and tickets for this Friday. We’re all super excited to get started again this year.

If you know of any new families that are interested in joining us, please ask them to email me on this address and I’ll send them out the details but we’re not making a big advertising push until we see how we’re doing with capacity.

Thanks all,

President, GLSC