Club Nights

Getting Started

Each swim club night gates will open at 5:45pm.  You need to be in the pool area before 6.15 pm.  The cut off time of 6.15 pm is so that we can ensure that club nights don't go too long.  
There will be three strokes run each night in the distances of 15m/25m/50m and there will also be two longer races eg - 100m/200m/Individual Medley etc... The first race of the night is scheduled to start at 6.15 pm.  Once your swimmers have finished for the night then you are able to leave the pool area, or stay around and support the other swimmers and enjoy the BBQ and canteen.
There is a free swim session starting at approximately 6.00 pm where swimmers can warm up in the lanes. We do have lifeguards on duty during this time, however, with over 100 swimmers in the pool we ask parents to also know where your swimmers are at all times. Please refer to the following guidelines regarding parent supervision:
  • Children aged 0-5 years actively supervised at all times, parent/ guardian within arms-reach in the water
  • Children aged 6-10 years under constant active supervision, with parent/guardian prepared to get wet
  • Children aged 11-14 years must be checked on by physically going to the point where they are in or around the water

Winning Points

During the races, each swimmer races alongside competitors of a similar time not necessarily age. All events will be girls and boys together under a points system. Swimmers will be automatically placed in events with others who achieve similar times.
The aim may not be to win the race, but to better your time from previous weeks. Points are allocated to each swimmer based on their improvement of time.  See the handbook on the website to see how this occurs.

Qualifying for races

All swimmers under the age of 8 will start competing in the 15m races for each stroke. Once they have swum the qualifying times twice, they will then automatically be moved to the next distance; eg: once a swimmer swims under 20secs for the 15m Freestyle twice, they will then be moved to the 25m race. You will need to check the nomination email each week for confirmation of qualifying for a longer race. When they swim under 25secs for the 25m Freestyle twice, they will then be moved to the 50m race.  Race times are posted onto our blog each week under the Race Results tab.
To be eligible to swim in long distance races (100m, 200m and 400m) swimmers must be at least 10 years of age at the start of the season or have twice swum the qualifying time set out below (to be eligible to swim in the 100m Medley swimmers must have swum the qualifying time for 100 m in at least two strokes). When swimmers become eligible for the long distance races they are not automatically nominated.  Swimmers must nominate themselves to compete in the longer distances.

15m to 25m
25m to 50m
50m to 100m/200m
100 m to 200 m
200m to 400m
20 sec
25 sec
52 sec
3 min 30 sec
21 sec
27 sec
56 sec
24 sec
30 sec
1 min 2 sec
21 sec
27 sec
56 sec
Individual Medley
1 min 40 sec

Swimmers compete against their own best time for points. Swimmers are awarded points for participation and improvement. Accumulation of points will achieve greater recognition and the majority of trophies and awards will be given to swimmers based on the points system.

The starter

We use an electronic timer and follow the format of major race meets. This is - a whistle is blown to indicate for the swimmers to step up on the blocks (often younger swimmers are beside the blocks which is fine!). When all swimmers are stable on the blocks, the race starter will say "take your marks", and will then press the buzzer (there is no 'set').  If a false start occurs the buzzer will go off repeatedly for the swimmers to return to the blocks - no swimmer on club night will be disqualified for a false start - however, please note that if your swimmers attend a carnival and are over the age of 9 - they will be immediately disqualified for false starts.

BBQ & Canteen

The BBQ and Canteen operate for your convenience every Friday night. They are a service to the swimmers, their parents and guests. We try to keep prices down to encourage families to come to club nights. Please remember that the people cooking and serving you are parents who are volunteering their time.
The club is able to sell alcohol on Friday nights. The club is required to ensure that responsible behaviour is observed. Only parents of club swimmers or their guests (over the age of 18) will be served. Any person displaying irresponsible or unacceptable behaviour will be required to leave the pool area.

Club Captains

Club Captains are selected each year and are students from Year 5. Students need their parents permission to nominate for the position of Club Captain.  To be eligible to nominate for Club Captain, students need to be fully financial members and have been eligible to participate in the Club Championships the previous year. 

**Please note there will be no Club Captains for the 2020/2021 season due to COVID restrictions. 

The Club Captains for 2020/2021 are: 

    • Girls' Captain:
    • Boys' Captain: 
    • Girls' Vice Captain: 
    • Boys' Vice Captain: 
    Functions and Duties:
    • To display high standards of conduct and behaviour and act as a role model for other children
    • Attending and participating in most Club Nights for the duration of the meets
    • Helping younger children at Club Nights and Carnivals
    • Speaking on behalf of the club at Carnivals and Club Championships
    • Making announcements at Club Nights and school assemblies as required
    • Accepting trophies and congratulating winners
    • Representing the club at Carnivals and other events
    • Assisting the Management Committee with the running of the club, especially at Club Nights and carnivals
    • Fostering club spirit at carnivals