Online Registration

New Members

Registrations for the current season will open by September 6th. Once registrations open, you will be able to enter the details of your family members participating. 
  • Follow this link to register
  • Our region is the Brisbane Swimming Association 
  • Our Club is the Graceville Amateur Swim Club (Graceville ASC Inc)
  • Ensure you register at least one parent or guardian at the same time as you register your child
If you need any assistance with the registration process please contact Annie Chand or Heidi Marshall.

Members Transferring From Another Club

All members new to Graceville Lightning (including parents) must update the club details with Swimming Queensland via the MyLANE system  

  • Region - Brisbane Swimming Association 
  • Club - Graceville Amateur Swim Club (Graceville ASC Inc)

Membership Renewal

All Graceville Lightning member families from last season will receive a Subscription Payment email from Swimming Queensland. It includes details on how to complete the online payment process for membership renewal*. If you haven't received this email by September 6th or you need to change your family details (add or remove members) please contact Annie Chand or Heidi Marshall 

*Before finalising payment please check that invoice details are correct by visiting the Membership and Payments page on our website (NB: use a separate window to the Subscription Payment email).