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Age Champions
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You must be a full financial member of the club to take part in the club championships. Associate  members are not eligible to be club champions or receive medals. They are however welcome to race on the day.



The aim of the Club Championship is to recognise the participation of as many swimmers as possible. Ribbons or medals will be awarded to all members who place in each championship race, with each younger swimmer who does not receive a place ribbon being presented with a participation award.


Age Champions are awarded to the boy and girl in each age group who accumulate the most points across all events during the Club Championships. If points are tied, the age champion will be the person who achieved the most first places at the championships. If swimmers are still tied, then both swimmers will be awarded age champion.



  1. Only swimmers who have qualified for the respective events will be eligible to swim in the championships.

  2. To be eligible to compete in an event in the Club Championship, swimmers must have competed in a minimum number of events at club nights. The table below shows the minimum number for each individual stroke. There are 2 categories, the first is for swimmers who registered towards the start of the season – “Joined in Term 4" (e.g. October 2017), the second is for swimmers who registered after the Christmas break – “e.g. Joined in Term 1" (e.g. January 2018). *see eligibility section for more details

  3. If a Club night is cancelled, swimmers who had nominated in accordance with the handbook to swim on that night are deemed to have swum in those events for the purposes of eligibility for Club Championships.

  4. If swimmers progress to a longer race for a particular event during the season, participation in both distances will be counted. That is, if a swimmer has participated in 6 x 25m Freestyle and 3 x 50m Freestyle events during the season this will mean they have qualified to swim in Freestyle at the Club Championship.

  5. The Committee has the discretion to allow a swimmer to compete at the Club championships if they have not met the eligibility rules. The Committee will exercise its discretion upon receipt of an application, in writing, for special consideration. Circumstances that will be considered by the Committee include (but are not limited to):

    • Illness or injury throughout the season that has prevented a swimmer from attending/swimming at a Club night;

    • Family circumstances which prevents swimmers from being able to attend Club nights regularly;

    • Swimmers who were competing for the GASC at SQ or BSA meets on a Friday Club night

  6. Any request for special consideration must be in writing and received by the Committee at least 7 days prior to the Club Championships commencing. The decision of the Committee is final.

  7. Swimmers will compete in their age on the blocks as at the first day of the Championships.

  8. Swimmers up to 9 years compete over 25 m. Swimmers 10 years and above will compete over 50m.

  9. For all 25 m events leniency in the application of the rules of swimming will be exercised. Swimmers in these events will not be disqualified however if the referee deems that the swimmer gained an unfair advantage by breaking the rules, then the referee may alter the placing at his/her discretion.

  10. Swimmers who break the rules in 50m and 100m events will be disqualified.

  11. The race committee will utilize its discretion to combine races either girls/boys or of different age groups where there are not sufficient number to fill up the race. However swimmers will only compete against swimmers in their respective age and gender groups.

  12. Points will be awarded as follows for each individual race to determine the age champions;

    • First - 4 points

    • Second - 3 points

    • Third - 2 points

    • Fourth - 1 point



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