Process for Nominating

  • Providing you are on the Club's email list, you will be emailed your swimmer's pre-nominated events on the Wednesday evening.  The pre-nominations are based upon their event history and past results. If you have not received this by Thursday morning please email the new GLSC nominations email  ( and it will be re-emailed individually.

  • If your child is new to the club, they will be pre-nominated in the Freestyle event only (15m if < 8 years, 25m if >= 8 years)

  • You need only reply to this email by exception.

  • Swimmers will be automatically promoted to the longer distances (25m and 50m) once they have swum the appropriate qualifying times on 2 occasions.

  • Swimmers will not be automatically promoted to the 100/200/400m distances.  If your child has qualified for these distances and would like to swim, please email the nominations email address.


This process will be your responsibility and must be completed by 5pm each Friday!

An example of what you can expect in this email

Dear Parents & Swimmers,

Races for this week in order of swimming are:

  • 100m Individual Medley

  • 15m/25m/50m Freestyle

  • 15m/25m/50m Breaststroke

  • 15m/25m/50m Backstroke

  • 100m Freestyle

Individual Swimmer Nominations List
See attached


What you need to do!

  1. Review the Events List (attached)

  2. Determine whether your situation corresponds to A, B or C, below, and respond accordingly. Please ensure you advise the swimmer's name in your email response.

  3. Advise your child(ren) of what events they are nominated for.


We're not coming to swim club this Friday

Please email us to let us know by 5pm Friday


I need to change something on the event list

Please email us with details of changes by 5pm Friday


Event list looks good, we're ready to go

Nothing to do, we'll see you on Friday ready to swim