This season the Club will host a presentation BBQ on the weekend following the Club Championships.

Swimmers will be advised closer to the date about the details of the function. A number of club awards will be presented at the function, including the Overall Club Points Champion, Points Awards, Club Championship Age Champions, Club Championship race medals, Club Championship Records, Pool records and other club awards.

The Club AGM will be held in conjunction with the presentation function.

Points award

The points system is cumulative throughout the season so swimmers are encouraged to attend regularly. Points are awarded for participation and improvement in individual times. The Overall Club Champion is the swimmer who accumulates the most points at Club Nights over the whole season for all events. Points are calculated on the improvement of times based upon the following points scale.

1 POINT for >2.5 sec slower than best time or participating in an event that is shorter than their qualified event

2 POINTS for  >1.5 and <2.5 sec slower than best time

3 POINTS for >0.5 and <1.5 sec slower than best time

4 POINTS for <0.5 sec slower and >0.49 sec faster than best time

5 POINTS for >0.5 sec and <1.49 sec faster than best time

6 POINTS for >1.5 sec and <2.49 sec faster than best time

7 POINTS for > 2.5 sec or more faster than best time

Determining the points award winners

All registered swimmers will be divided in to 5 roughly equal bands based upon their age. Points Awards will be presented to approximately the top 5 swimmers in each band irrespective of gender, but it will depend on the numbers of swimmers in each age group as how many towels are awarded to that age group. If it appears to the Management Committee that a swimmer has intentionally not swum to the best of their ability in order to gain an advantage in accumulating points towards the Points Awards the swimmer may be asked to show cause why they should not be penalised. The Management Committee may impose such penalty as it sees appropriate which may include not counting that time, deduction of up to 20 points from that swimmers tally and even disqualification from the Points Awards.
Swimmers will receive points for competing in all events at Club Nights. All swimmers who have met qualifying times but do not wish to swim (or find it too difficult to swim) the longer distance may elect to swim the shorter distance but will not be awarded points for lowering their best times. These swimmers will be awarded 1 point. Points received in one distance will be carried forward on graduation to longer distance events (not including the 100m and 200m events as these are considered separate events). Any swimmer disqualified will forfeit all points in that event. On the first swim of a new distance in a stroke a swimmer will receive a bonus of 4 points.
During the season a points tally may be displayed on the pool deck notice board or posted on the website to encourage children in their participation at club nights.

Special Awards

The president’s award is given at the Presidents discretion to a swimmer who contributes to the club in some unique or special way. This award may or may not be given each year.

The encouragement award is given by the coach/committee to a swimmer who has shown an excellent attitude and achievement in club swims and competitive swimming for the club throughout the entire season.

The Alison Morris award is given to a person or couple (adult) who has made an outstanding contribution to the club. It was established in 2007 to honour the memory of Alison who was a parent who tragically passed away in her forties and who herself had made an outstanding contribution to the club. The winner will be decided by the Management Committee or a sub-committee of parents chosen by the Management Committee.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask anyone on the Management Committee for assistance.

Previous club champions

2006/07 Luca Winton
2007/08 Riley Thomas
2008/09 Chloe Hill
2009/10 Chloe Hill
2010/11 Harry Walker
2011/12 Abbey Hill
2012/13 Sophie Derrick
2013/14 Tom Plasto
2014/15 Elliott Roll
2015/16 Finnlay Bell
2016/17 Joshua Ramsay

2017/18 ??

2018/19 ??

2019/20 ??